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National Recovery Month: Raising Awareness w/ Sigmund Software

September is National Recovery Month, an effort to promote recovery practices and empower service providers & community members who support recovery.

September marks National Recovery Month, a nationwide effort to support and promote treatment recovery practices, as well as empower the service providers and community members who make recovery possible.

National Recovery Month is also an opportunity to acknowledge and commend people who have achieved or sustained recovery during the past year. Those are huge milestones that often go unnoticed by the larger industry.

This occasion provides the perfect platform to collectively celebrate those successes. This not only raises awareness about recovery in general; it also is a fantastic reminder that recovery is possible.

This year’s theme is Join the Voices for Recovery: Celebrating Connections. So please join us in supporting those in long-term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction (and their family members, friends, and allies) and celebrating the emergence of a strong and proud recovery community!

We have gathered a variety of resources below to help you participate in National Recovery Month this year!

National Recovery Month Resources

Sigmund Software and Recovery

As an EHR vendor that serves many behavioral health and addiction treatment organizations, National Recovery Month is a very important occasion for us and our clients.

We spend all year educating our audience on the intersection of mental health, substance abuse, addiction treatment, and recovery. We love it when September rolls around so that a bigger spotlight is fixed on recovery as a concept and practice.

We’ve compiled a few blog posts for The Sigmund Software Blog that are more relevant than ever during this month:

National Recovery Month

Expanding the Recovery Community 

For the last two decades, Sigmund Software has been building a software solution that is tailor-made for behavioral health and addiction treatment. As a result, we understand two things very clearly.

First, delivering addiction treatment is an extremely comprehensive and dynamic task.

Providers are best served by an EHR that was built for addiction treatment in theory and function. A generic software solution may not offer everything all the tools an organization needs in this field to excel.

And, second: communication and collaboration is the only way to keep improving upon the services available for addiction treatment, both on the provider and vendor side.

That is why National Recovery Month has become an important institution in our industry. Even though we try to have these conversations year-round, we can rely on the fact that it is on everyone’s schedule come September.

You can keep up with addiction treatment and recovery news all month long on The Sigmund Pulse, as well as our social media channels! Happy National Recovery Month!