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Team. Tech. Customers.

Sigmund Software is, and always has been,
the sum of 3 powerful parts.


Our team is passionate about improving outcomes. With many former (and some current) behavioral health professionals on staff, a unique motivation drives our service and innovation – we have seen how an EHR can hinder user experience and patient care. We want to offer the best-possible health IT experience to as many people as we can, because we truly believe in our software and have seen it transform organizations time and time again. We’ve quite literally made it our life’s work to offer providers the solutions we wished we’d had in the field.


Our tech passes the tests of longevity and innovation. Our software has been developed and enhanced by the same core team of seasoned developers over the past 16 years. During that time, our industry has experienced several technological revolutions. Due to the consistent innovation and technological ingenuity of our development team, we’ve always emerged on the other side with even more powerful software than before. The minds and skills of our developers allow Sigmund to embrace advances in tech as they come, and we treat them as opportunities to enrich our software solutions. 


Our customers force us to stay on the cutting-edge, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Through the years, we’ve been lucky enough to work with many different organizations. Behavioral health is a diverse and highly specific industry, and its providers require varied, individualized software solutions. In this way, our developers are consistently challenged by the needs of our clients. They inform our software philosophy and architecture, and have pushed us to build a truly dynamic software. And for that, we are grateful. Refining our software to fulfill their complex needs has surpassed any other benchmarks we could hold ourselves to.