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Experience the Power of AURA

“Everything in AURA allows us to do our job better.” 

— Moyra Anthony, Clinical Director of Community Services, Youth Dynamics

We know you need an EHR platform that meets the unique and varied needs of behavioral health and addiction treatment. That’s why we created AURA — an enterprise EHR software solution developed by behavioral health professionals for behavioral health professionals.

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Harness the Power of AURA

We set out to build a behavioral health EHR that thinks like you, the user. We’ve spent the past 20 years making good on that goal, developing and refining a workflow engine that is precisely calibrated for behavioral health systems. AURA’s workflows incorporate cutting-edge logic that empowers users to do their jobs more intuitively, more efficiently, and more accurately.

Comprehensive Suite of Clinical and Medical Software Solutions

20 years of Behavioral Health expertise and software development packaged in a cutting-edge, user-friendly EHR platform.

The Industry’s Most Advanced Workflow Engine

Intelligent and intuitive automation, seamless care coordination, robust recommendation engine, smart decision support and alert system.

Total Control of Your Data

Extensive data collection and reporting tools, embedded analytics, intuitive dashboards, Power BI.

Modern Virtual Care Environment

Dynamic Patient Portal, cloud-based mobile platform, integrated telehealth solution.

Finance Solutions Designed for Behavioral Health

Robust billing and collections platform, user-friendly claim generation and submission, extensive revenue cycle management tools.

Endless Configuration

Tailor your individualized EHR system to fit each of your precise needs.

Who Uses AURA?

What types of organizations currently use AURA?

Which levels of care does AURA currently support?

Outpatient: 24%

Residential: 23%

IOP: 16%

PHP: 12%

Detox: 12%

Aura Currently Supports Users In:







AURA Integrations

As a software company, we are committed to full integration. AURA seamlessly integrates with over two dozen industry-leading software products and services.

Are You Ready to Transform Your EHR Environment?

We believe that every provider needs a powerful EHR because every patient deserves comprehensive, modern, excellent care. Today, that’s only possible with a truly enterprise EHR.


Discover the Potential of AURA!