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Sigmund's AURA for Addiction Treatment

Manage the needs of the entire treatment organization in one platform.

Developed specifically for addiction treatment and behavioral health care providers, Sigmund’s cloud-based enterprise software empowers organizations to achieve their mission of helping those that need it most.

How We Support Addiction Treatment Communities

Addiction treatment requires effective care coordination across all clinical and programmatic settings. Achieving desired outcomes requires more than just a documentation and billing system. AURA’s enterprise solution offers an all-in-one software allowing all departments and disciplines to collaborate digitally.

Meet Sigmund AURA

The Future of Addiction Treatment in One Software Platform

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Advancing Addiction Treatment

Sigmund AURA EHR features a futuristic design with advanced human interface elements. Designed for adaptability, it smoothly accommodates both in-person and virtual care, showcasing a commitment to staying ahead in the dynamic field of addiction treatment.

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Engaging Patients in Treatment

Tailored for collaborative addiction treatment, the EHR empowers patients to actively engage, streamlining administrative tasks and enhancing efficiency in clinical interactions.

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High-quality data powers better care

Robust reports and dashboards deliver real-time, crucial data for automating processes, enhancing clinical decisions, and elevating health outcomes and productivity in addiction treatment.

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Dynamic Reporting

Dynamic EHR reporting for addiction treatment provides real-time insights, enabling clinicians to stay informed about patient progress, treatment efficacy, and overall program performance. With interactive dashboards, healthcare professionals can make data-driven decisions, fostering improved patient outcomes and operational efficiency in addiction treatment settings.

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Decision Support

Decision Support in AURA empowers clinicians with valuable insights and recommendations based on patient data. This functionality aids in crafting personalized treatment plans, identifying potential relapse risks, and optimizing interventions. Leveraging AURA’s decision support tools, healthcare professionals can enhance the precision and effectiveness of addiction treatment strategies.

Medication Orders and Lab Results

AURA streamlines Medication Orders and Lab Results management for enhanced patient care. Our platform facilitates efficient tracking and analysis of prescriptions and laboratory data, contributing to the overall effectiveness of addiction treatment strategies. Explore our advanced tools empowering healthcare professionals for optimal patient safety and treatment outcomes in addiction care.

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Streamline Clinical Care

The Sigmund suite of products can be configured to enhance daily processes.

  • Increase office efficiency with easy access to the patient information
  • Eliminate unnecessary keystrokes and reduce errors with Golden Thread technology
  • Access to all mission critical information on one screen
  • Personalize dashboard views by role giving staff real time relevant information

Enhanced Medical Care

Sigmund provides medical professionals and teams with comprehensive digital tools that deliver the most collaborative, streamlined, and efficient care.

  • Supports electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS) and prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP) mandates
  • Easily manage medications, lab orders/results, caloric intake, vital signs
  • Safely administer medications with a powerful eMAR that integrates with med-dispensing products like Pyxis and Omnicell
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Sigmund Software Claim Details


Benefit from a billing platform that supports the revenue cycle management and compliance needs of addiction treatment and behavioral health care providers.

  • Configure custom reports
  • Catch claim errors and denials early and fix them quickly
  • Automatically collect, batch, and submit the information you need to ensure clean claims

Patient Engagement

Effective engagement tools make it easy for providers to engage their patients so that treatment remains seamless, comprehensive, and uninterrupted no matter what.

  • Patients complete online forms and standardized metrics automatically update in your EHR.
  • Securely communicate with patients through the HIPAA compliant portal via email, instant messaging, or telehealth tools.
  • Secure HIPAA authorizations for releases
    and documents.
  • Improve patient experience and office efficiency by allowing patients to pay online.
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Sigmund's AURA for Addiction Treatment

Intuitive workflows seamlessly automate Intake, Clinical, Medical, Operational and Administrative processes, making your facility more efficient so you can focus on patient care.

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A Solution Not Just Software

We believe that our customers deserve a software solution, not just software. A complete solution starts with the software and ends with the quality of service provided by the vendor.

Our users receive a cutting-edge enterprise platform and a full suite of enterprise-level services to match. We strive to be an active partner in your success, not just a technology partner.

Contact us today to learn how Sigmund AURA is the complete digital health solution you need for your organization.

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