Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment facilities require unique EHR features compared to other specialties or general medical practices.  Specifically, these organizations have different requirements regarding how they use clinical data.

image of addiction treatment

How We Support Addiction Treatment Communities

These organizations require effective care coordination across clinical settings and patient engagement to achieve positive clinical outcomes. But they are also subject to more data privacy laws that go above and beyond HIPAA’s requirements.

Dynamic Reporting

Build a comprehensive, real-time record of each patient’s condition and progress to make data-driven treatment decisions.


Leverage flexible clinical decision support tools that reflect your treatment approach to support optimal care.


Stay up-to-date with biometric alerts and trending.

med orders & Lab Results

Easily review and sign off on medication orders and lab results.

Recovery Capital is a unique addiction treatment system that helps patients achieve and sustain recovery. Learn more about this patient-centered concept.