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Financial Solutions for Behavioral Health

Sigmund provides a billing platform tailored to meet the unique tasks and requirements of behavioral health billers, along with dynamic tools for comprehensive financial oversight throughout the revenue cycle.

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We understand your demanding schedule and the critical need to maximize your staff’s efficiency. Sigmund has developed, and continues to enhance, a platform meticulously designed to fulfill the EHR requirements of behavioral health and addiction treatment.


We believe every provider deserves a powerful EHR because every patient deserves comprehensive, excellent care.


We offer a dynamic suite of software solutions that are tailor-made to suit your operation and deliver a full spectrum of EHR services.


Sigmund AURA is a cloud based, fully integrated, intuitive EHR that lets providers delegate work, document easily, and create reports quickly in order to stay focused on patient care.

The industry's most robust, fully integrated medical billing software solutions

In an ideal scenario, providers could concentrate solely on patient care, but every organization also bears the responsibility of managing its operations. In the realm of behavioral health, these operational aspects can be exceptionally intricate, with nuances and room for mistakes.

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Benefits for Your Organization​

Real-Time & Automated

Our financial suite seamlessly integrates with CRM, Call Center, and Electronic Health Record systems, providing you with a real-time and automated solution for managing service delivery and revenue cycle management.

Effortless RCM

Sigmund equips you with the tools for a smooth Revenue Cycle Management process, allowing you to effortlessly collect and analyze data from various domains within a unified platform.

Proactive Controls

Implement automated workflows and proactive controls to ensure compliance with documentation and coding standards, meeting the specific delivery.

Compliant & Efficient

Monitor staff compliance with documentation and service delivery standards through dashboard reporting.


Sigmund’s documentation suite offers robust features such as auto-fill, pre-population, and electronic.

Funding Source Insights

Our intelligently designed reporting consoles enable clinicians to visualize patient progress based on various treatment factors.

Streamline Claims

Effectively manage Payer Authorizations and streamline claim generation and validation with our Billing Rules engine. Keep track of the claim lifecycle electronically through our up-to-date claim status screen with the EDI Billing module.

One Size Fits All

Our billing platform effortlessly supports organizations of all sizes, from small practices to multi-company, multi-site, and multi-specialty configurations, all within one comprehensive enterprise solution.

Complete Financial Records

Easily manage a comprehensive record of all payments received, including source, payee, invoice, balance, write-off amount, and designated GL Accounts.

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Seamlessly gather and analyze data from various domains within our enterprise platform

Billing for behavioral health treatment is a multifaceted and ever-changing process. Without the essential tools, your organization’s efficiency and profitability may not reach their full potential. 

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Integration, Support & Hosting

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Seamless Integration

Admission, clinical, medical, financial, outcomes, and analytics components seamlessly collaborate within a unified system.

Support When You Need It

At Sigmund Software, our unwavering commitment is to provide top-tier support, recognizing that your facility operates continuously, and so do we.

Access Your Data 24/7 with Managed Hosting

Gain access to essential data not only from your office but also remotely, whether at home or while on the move. As long as there’s an Internet connection, you can work. Let Sigmund take care of the technology, data backups, and software upgrades.