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Operational Solutions for Behavioral Health

The foundational hardware of any EHR is the workflow engine.  Sigmund’s workflows think like a behavioral health expert, intelligently automating any and all systems needed in behavioral health and addiction treatment.

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We know you’re extremely busy. We know your staff can’t afford to lose time using a clunky system. Sigmund has built (and continues to evolve) a platform the precisely meets EHR needs in behavioral health and addiction treatment.  


We believe every provider deserves a powerful EHR because every patient deserves comprehensive, excellent care.


We offer a dynamic suite of software solutions that are tailor-made to suit your operation and deliver a full spectrum of EHR services 


Sigmund AURA is a cloud based, fully integrated, intuitive EHR that lets providers delegate work, document easily, and create reports quickly in order to stay focused on patient care.

image of workflow operations Aura software

Workflow engine designed with your staff in mind.

There is so much technology and development that goes into Sigmund’s software solutions, but the foundational hardware of any EHR is the workflow engine.‍

Workflows are like your software’s nervous system. They coordinate and automate your operation’s process behind the scenes, without any conscious intervention from the user.

Benefits for Your Organization

Notifications & Alerts

Sigmund’s workflow engine is flexible enough to configure any notification, alert, or documentation requirement to comply with nursing, medically monitored detox, or crisis intervention protocols.

Workflow Automation

Automate workflows at any level, from enterprise requirements to individual services or patient encounters. This level of control ensures accurate care coordination, timely communication and compliance, and efficient data entry that minimizes human error and improves patient safety.

Logic-Based Software

Sigmund Software is dedicated to offering the highest level of quality support. We understand that your facility never stops, so we don’t either.

Staff Management Tools

Track credentials, supervision logs, work orders, W2 information, staff assessments, as well as staff training with our staff management tools.


Manage facility sites, occupancy, and room purposes. Stay organized with bed reservations, gender occupancy, house keeping, and facility maintenance management.


Highly configurable documentation makes it easy to tailor forms, assessments, summaries, progress notes, and treatment plans to your precise treatment needs.

Audits & Compliance

Take the stress out of JCAHO and CARF audits with tools that automatically monitor compliance to accreditation standards and internal requirements.

Reporting & Analytics

Monitor work queues and productivity in real-time via dashboard analytics or report on the full spectrum of staff and operational performance with precision

Easily Control User Access

AURA offers fully customizable role-based security to optimize each user’s EHR environment for success.


Change starts here.

Experience highly configurable, automated workflows

Automated alerts and intuitive work queues make completing tasks easy – each user will always have a clear direction for their next steps. In addition, facilities can utilize reporting and compliance tools to stay on track and help manage staff performance.

Integration, Support & Hosting

vector image of workflows
Seamless Integration

Admission, clinical, medical, finance, outcomes, and analytics all work together in one system.

Support When You Need It

Sigmund Software is dedicated to offering the highest level of quality support. We understand that your facility never stops, so we don’t either.

Access your data 24/7 with managed hosting

Access the data you need from the office or anywhere in the building, even at home or on-the-go. As long as there’s an Internet connection, you can work. Let Sigmund take care of the technology, data backups, and software upgrades.

A comprehensive suite of tools that span a complete business spectrum