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Clinical Software Solution

Our clinical software solution is designed to facilitate behavioral health processes and precisely accommodate a clinical team’s needs.

We Know You’re
Extremely Busy

We know that your staff can’t afford to lose time using a clunky system. Sigmund has developed a behavioral health EHR that meets the unique and varied needs of behavioral health and addiction treatment organizations.


We’re committed to providing robust EHR solutions because we believe every patient deserves comprehensive and excellent care, and every provider deserves a powerful tool to make it happen.


Unlock the future of healthcare with our tailored suite of software solutions, delivering a full spectrum of EHR services designed for efficiency and excellence. Experience personalized solutions that optimize every aspect of your operations. Your journey to a streamlined EHR experience starts here.


Sigmund AURA is a cloud based, fully integrated, intuitive EHR that lets providers delegate work, document easily, and create reports quickly in order to stay focused on patient care.

A Clinical Software Solution That Won’t Keep You Glued to Your Screen

You didn’t get into this industry to stare at a screen. Sigmund’s technology is designed to intuitively automate the medical processes that all too often take providers away from their patients.

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Benefits for Your Organization​

Our powerful suite of tools is crafted to transform your healthcare experience. Seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology with user-centric design, our EHR solution empowers healthcare professionals and organizations to elevate patient care, streamline workflows, and drive unprecedented efficiency.

Gather essential data effortlessly through logic-based assessments, customizable reporting templates, and standard documentation such as forms, progress notes, and treatment plans.

Golden Thread methodology allows information to flow between documents seamlessly, creating a real-time clinical record with minimal keystrokes.

Dashboard reporting provides the ability to audit staff compliance with documentation and service delivery standards.

Sigmund’s documentation suite offers robust tools for auto-fill, pre-population, and electronic signatures from mobile devices.

Intelligently designed reporting consoles allow clinicians to visualize the progress of a given patient based on multiple treatment factors.

Access composite scoring and other decision support tools that help providers treat patients efficiently and safely. 

Automated workflows, system alerts, and notifications enable treatment team members to follow and/or be alerted based on specified criteria.

Automated workflows, system alerts, and notifications enable treatment team members to follow and/or be alerted based on specified criteria.

Let Us Show You the Power of Aura

Spend Less Time on Notes and Documentation, and More Time with Your Clients

Powerful and intuitive workflows seamlessly automate Intake, Clinical, Medical, Operational and Administrative processes, making your facility more efficient so you can focus on patient care.

Integration, Support & Hosting

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Seamless Integration

Admission, clinical, medical, financial, outcomes, and analytics components seamlessly collaborate within a unified system.

Support When You Need It

At Sigmund Software, our unwavering commitment is to provide top-tier support, recognizing that your facility operates continuously, and so do we.

Access Your Data 24/7 with Managed Hosting

Gain access to essential data not only from your office but also remotely, whether at home or while on the move. As long as there’s an Internet connection, you can work. Let Sigmund take care of the technology, data backups, and software upgrades.