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Outcomes Solutions for Behavioral Health

Visualize data in real-time to make every decision an informed one. From treatment metrics to staff performance, providers gain 360 degrees of oversight to identify areas of excellence and areas that need improvement.

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We know you’re extremely busy. We know your staff can’t afford to lose time using a clunky system. Sigmund has built (and continues to evolve) a platform the precisely meets EHR needs in behavioral health and addiction treatment.  


We believe every provider deserves a powerful EHR because every patient deserves comprehensive, excellent care.


We offer a dynamic suite of software solutions that are tailor-made to suit your operation and deliver a full spectrum of EHR services 


Sigmund AURA is a cloud based, fully integrated, intuitive EHR that lets providers delegate work, document easily, and create reports quickly in order to stay focused on patient care.

To improve both patient and provider outcomes, you need control over your data.
Total control.

Sigmund Software is passionate about improving behavioral health outcomes. We have built a dynamic suite of outcomes tools that allow organizations to track, report, and analyze every piece of measurable data in the system. 

Benefits for Your Organization

Robust & Flexible

The platform contains specialized and flexible outcome tools. From patient engagement tools, scored medical and clinical instruments, and robust custom outcome tools, AURA offers complete, end-to-end outcome tools.


Target Behavior Tracking (TBT)

Utilize Target Behavior Tracking (TBT), the leading data collection and aggregate reporting tool available in behavioral health and addiction treatment.


Intelligent Decision

The software contains an extensive suite of configurable decision support tools that allows organizations to tailor decision support to their specific processes and services. AURA’s tools adapt to your treatment approach so that users are always notified of their best next steps to further improve the desired outcome.

Customize and Configure

AURA is fully customizable to meet the needs of multi-service and multi-site treatment providers, to best reflect your processes, population, and preferred data utilization.


Data Management

Create new data collection points to better track a patient’s transition pre-admission, throughout the treatment episode and post discharge with configurable tools and alerting.

Data-Driven Outcomes

Build an extensive and real-time record of each patient to treat them as effectively as possible throughout the full continuum of care. Through comprehensive documentation, dynamic reporting tools, and data visualizations, providers can efficiently evaluate trends, intervene more proactively, and identify a patient’s response to a given treatment modality.

Change starts here.

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How Data Visualization Enhances Your Practice

Integration, Support & Hosting

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Seamless Integration

Admission, clinical, medical, finance, outcomes, and analytics all work together in one system.

Support When You Need It

Sigmund Software is dedicated to offering the highest level of quality support. We understand that your facility never stops, so we don’t either.

Access your data 24/7 with managed hosting

Access the data you need from the office or anywhere in the building, even at home or on-the-go. As long as there’s an Internet connection, you can work. Let Sigmund take care of the technology, data backups, and software upgrades.

A comprehensive suite of tools that span a complete business spectrum