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AURA is Sigmund Software’s enterprise, behavioral health information management platform.

In addition to fully supporting all electronic health record (EHR) feature requirements, this enterprise platform offers a comprehensive suite of specialized features that span Business Development/CRM Integration, Intake, Compliance, Work-Flow, Outcomes/Analytics, Patient Engagement, Practice Management, Revenue Cycle Management, and Staff Management.

Each organization’s specific requirements dictate the unique AURA EHR system we build for them. Those varied and diverse requirements dictate the cost of each solution as well.

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EHR Solutions

For many organizations, modern software needs extend beyond the traditional EHR and Practice Management solutions. Features like contact management, engagement, and mobility have all become core components in how providers deliver excellent care. In these scenarios, enterprise software solutions like AURA provide end-to-end solutions that add value and drive systems consolidation. Enterprise solutions save time, reduce/eliminate errors, provide clinical decision support, improve revenue cycle processes as well as provide new technologies to engage patients/contacts.

With all the power and functionality that are packed into modern EHR systems, they typically cost more than simple, smaller, incomplete systems. However, we’ve found that when an organization understands their precise requirements, enterprise platforms offer significantly more value.

We believe that every provider deserves a powerful EHR platform because every patient deserves excellent care. As a result, AURA was designed and developed to be scalable, so that organizations can tailor their individual solution to meet their precise needs without paying for any functionality they won’t need.

EHR Software Solutions: See How We Stack Up Against the Competition

We offer providers two different EHR software solutions: AURA and AURA Elevate.

AURA is Sigmund Software’s enterprise solution, designed for large organizations and their varied, diverse needs. AURA Elevate was developed with the small practice in mind, a precise solution tailored for the small practice environment. Though there are a few core differences, both solutions are powered by AURA’s leading workflow engine.

Take a look at the breakdown below:

Software FeaturesSmall Practice SolutionEnterprise SolutionIndustry Competitor

Clinical Solutions

Robust suite of clinical software solutions designed for behavioral health and addiction treatment.

Clinical Documentation

Robust suite of clinical documentation, including intuitive assessments, user-friendly patient records, real-time updates.

Medical Documentation

Essential medical documentation, including charts/checklists, treatment plans, staff notes, biometrics, med reconciliation, Diagnosis/DSM 5, drug testing, immunizations.

Medical Solutions

Administer and manage medications securely with dynamic eMAR and e-prescribing tools, order labs and review results with ease.

Workflow Engine

Intelligent and intuitive automation, seamless care coordination, smart decision support, automated alerts and notifications.

Reporting & Analytics

Extensive data collection tools for tracking and analyzing data to improve outcomes and achieve/maintain compliance.


Patient Portal allows patients and providers to communicate and manage care (secure messaging, patient record access, view statements, pay balances).


Cloud-based software, remote access, use on any device that can connect to the internet.

Admissions & Scheduling

Easy patient scheduling, patient appointment requests, appointment reminders, multi-staff scheduling views.

Billing & Collections

Exhaustive revenue tracking capabilities, user-friendly claim generation and submission, comprehensive chargemaster, communication tools for billers.


Integrated, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing solution.

User Admin Rights

End users have the ability to establish staff security rights and customize QA Tasks, order templates, treatment plans, medication templates, and progress note narratives.
OfferingsSmall Practice SolutionEnterprise SolutionIndustry Competitor

Managed Hosting

Sigmund hosts your servers for you in our Data Centers. Sigmund experts manage and protect your data for you.

Revenue Cycle Management

Full RCM services provided by Sigmund’s expert behavioral health billers.


Complete guidance, training, and support from dedicated, experienced implementation team.


24/7, 365, in-house support provided by Sigmund Software experts.

The Sigmund Team

From implementation, to support, to development, the Sigmund Team is committed to being a partner in your organization’s success.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Our enterprise solution utilizes a Named User Pricing Model. That means each person that needs access to the software gets their own user license. This model allows organizations to grow their client base without incurring heavy fees incurred by a “pay per patient” model.


Our small practice pricing is based on the number of rendering providers, e-prescribing, e-labs and the software modules you require. This approach enables the practice to only implement features they require at competitive market pricing.

We just need to know your Number of Named Users (that’s everyone who needs to access the software), and your answer to the following questions:


  1. Do you need a Financial Solution in addition to your Clinical Solution?

  2. If so, would you prefer to implement both solutions simultaneously? Or would you prefer to implement your Clinical solution first?

  3. Are there any prescribers on your staff? If so, how many?

Individualized pricing proposals are provided on the same day, or within 24 hours.

Our sales team takes the time to understand your organization’s requirements and factors such as number of users, administrative access, customization requirements, and the scalability of your EHR platform.

Generally, the enterprise solution is more suitable for organizations that require the ability to manage their own system configuration via internal Admin users. Typically, these are larger businesses. The small practice solution was created to meet the more modest needs of smaller organizations, both comprehensively and economically.


“Everything in AURA allows us to do our job better."

Learn how Youth Dynamics, Montana’s largest provider of children’s mental health services in Montana, leverages AURA Enterprise to deliver their excellent care.

For more information about Sigmund Software’s pricing model or our EHR software solutions, contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our knowledgeable professionals! We’d love to discuss how we tailor our pricing estimates to the unique needs of your organization.