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Public Sector

Harness the power of AURA, the healthcare industry’s most powerful workflow engine.

For the past 17 years, Sigmund Software has built enterprise software solutions for behavioral health organizations. Mental health and addiction treatment are two of the most complex fields in all of healthcare. AURA, Sigmund’s enterprise EHR platform, is the culmination of nearly two decades of software development and innovation to accommodate the very precise and dynamic needs of behavioral health providers.

As a result, AURA’s workflow engine has virtually limitless power and potential. It’s able to manage, organize, track, and analyze massive amounts of data. AURA was designed with the ability to capture every single piece of data in the system. In behavioral health, there’s no telling which data must be collected, and how precisely, so AURA’s reporting tools reflect that reality. 

Dynamic data collection is only one area where AURA shines. Treating significant patient populations across various programs and levels of care has made AURA the perfect solution for managing the diverse data of large populations. With AURA, you gain total control of your data.

These data collection and population management tools contribute to the truly end-to-end solution AURA brings to your operation.

How we support the Public Sector



User-friendly engagement tools are a crucial part of any modern software solution. AURA’s Contact Portal supports the entire virtual care environment, where providers and patients are able to continue and/or supplement treatment using digital tools such as instant messaging, file sharing, etc.



Complying with internal standards, accreditation guidelines, and insurance requirements is a substantial part of delivering behavioral health treatment. Thus, AURA is equipped with cutting edge reporting tools (including out-of-the-box reports and customizable reports) and intuitive dashboards to achieve compliance in all areas.

From this information, your facility can then set up quality assurance tasks based on state regulations and associated program levels.


Workflow & Automation

It’s not a true enterprise solution unless intuitive automation drives the system’s logic and workflows. No matter how complicated your operation is, how many pieces there are to the puzzle, AURA can absorb your processes and configure a system that works and thinks in the ways you need it to.



Behavioral health providers often have to collect and analyze extremely precise, minute data points and leverage those results in multiple elements of the system. 

With a growing emphasis on evidence-based treatment, AURA is suited to provide as much data as possible to be leveraged in the improvement of treatment services and operational processes.

AURA’s dynamic reporting tools allow organizations to capture any relevant quality metrics.

Synthesize and organize the raw data a platform collects so that it can be productively analyzed to improve outcomes.


Revenue Cycle Management

Behavioral health billing is one of the most complex in all of healthcare. AURA offers a truly comprehensive financial platform designed to intuitively automate the billing process as much as possible.

High level RCM tools are comprehensive. They merge financial necessity with optimal practice management, automated insurance verification, and automated claims creation/management

Reporting tools are very important for monitoring the financial health of a facility.

Financial reports give a facility an objective view of its finances through metrics such as:

A Solution Not Just Software

We believe that our customers deserve a software solution, not just software. A complete solution starts with the software and ends with the quality of service provided by the vendor.

Our users receive a cutting-edge enterprise platform and a full suite of enterprise-level services to match. We strive to be an active partner in your success, not just a technology partner.

Contact us today to learn how Sigmund AURA is the complete digital health solution you need for your organization.

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