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Individuals with Developmental Disabilities


IDD communities require behavioral health support as well as daily living activities. Sigmund’s EHR contains the care coordination that is so essential to this community (life coach, case manager, employment counselor, therapist, psychiatrist, nutritionist).

How We Support IDD Communities

Organizations that support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities play a critical role in helping those people lead meaningful lives. Individuals with IDD have unique needs and challenges surrounding the assistance and care that they require.

Golden Thread Synergy

Golden Thread Synergy

Golden thread methodology compiles information across all relevant specialties and treatment encounters.

One Screen

One Screen

Conveniently view all tasks within one easy-to-view home screen.

Dynamic Scheduling

Rely on a comprehensive scheduler to organize multiple appointments across modalities and levels of care.


Mobile access to patient records for full control of the platform staff in the field.

Streamlined Medical Care Image

Streamline Clinical Care

Provide your clinical care team with the best solution. Sigmund’s golden thread technology will reduce keystrokes and fewer errors freeing up valuable time for your clinical care team.

  • View clinical dashboards personalized by role
  • Access clinical support tools reducing administrative work for clinical staff
  • Analyze key clinical metrics with robust reporting tools
  • Utilize standard and ad hoc reports

Enhanced Medical Care

One platform for streamline, comprehensive and efficient care.

  • Deliver comprehensive, efficient, and most of all safe care
  • Send prescriptions to any pharmacy on the Surescripts network
  • Patient-at-a-glance features display client-centric graphs, clinical and medical information, appointments, and recent documentations
  • Medical workflows drive a treatment environment primed for providers and their patients
Billing Software Image


Utilize a billing platform that suits a mental health biller’s specific task, as well as dynamic revenue cycle management tools for complete financial oversight.

  • Seamless Revenue Cycle Management process that includes the ability to effortlessly collect
  • Analyze data from multiple domains within a single platform
  • Intelligently designed reporting consoles allow clinicians to visualize patient progress based on multiple treatment factors
  • Manage Payer Authorizations and utilize the Billing Rules engine to streamline claim generation and validation

Patient Engagement

Provide services whenever and wherever those your patients need them.

  • Provide easy access to the information patients need
  • Communicate via secure electronic messaging to support the client and, where appropriate, family engagement
  • Secure HIPAA authorizations for releases and documents
  • Make payments and view payment history and receipts

IDD Software: What You Need Out of an IDD EHR

IDD treatment providers require truly dynamic software solutions to best treat their patients. Does your IDD EHR offer everything you need?