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Behavioral Health & Addiction Treatment

Workflow Engine

Improve and streamline treatment practices with a suite of features, all on one mobile platform. 


Safe and efficient EHR access, with built-in alerts and compliance measures. Find patient medication records in just a few clicks.


The most robust outcome tool available: perfect for research, grants, and comprehensive outcome studies.

Treatment Plans

Create treatment plans in minutes. Secure communication among staff with texts, instant messaging, and e-mail.

Provider Dashboards

Enjoy greater and faster control of your organization. Everything is just a click away: medications, schedules, communications, orders, documentation, lab results and more.


Access patient billing records efficiently with our fully integrated billing software and revenue cycle management tools. 

Outcomes & Decision support

Sigmund Software is the leader in providing specialized and flexible outcome tools. Developed by clinicians, Target Behavior Tracking (TBT) tracks a patient’s symptoms and correlates them against medication type, dosage, psychotherapy, and other treatments. Correlated data appears directly on-screen, providing easy identification of patterns and trends. 

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Why Sigmund Software?

  • Developed By Programmers and Practitioners

    Sigmund Software is used by some of the most technologically advanced organizations. But we are first and foremost a team of behavioral health experts, as committed to solving real problems and saving lives as you are.

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  • The industry’s most comprehensive mobile-enabled software suite.

    Technology is no good if you can’t access it. Use our platform on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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  • We are the leader in outcome technology

    Since the late 90s, we have been perfecting our outcome tools. Define, develop, execute and track outcome data with Sigmund.

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