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You Deserve Enterprise-Level Services for Your Enterprise Software

We believe that our customers deserve a software solution, not just software. A complete solution starts with the software and ends with the quality of service provided by the vendor.

Our users receive a cutting-edge enterprise platform and a full suite of enterprise-level services to match. We strive to be an active partner in your success, not just a technology partner.


Our implementation experts specialize in molding our software to fit your unique operation. behavioral health software configurations over the last two decades, our team has found the secret to a successful implementation – we don’t rest until your EHR fits your organization like a glove.


24/7/365 internal support — that is the gold standard that every EHR user deserves. Our support team is comprised of full-time Sigmund Software employees that are experts in AURA and how our platform can fulfill the specific needs of the behavioral health industry. Additionally, some of our support employees previously worked in the behavioral health industry for 10+ years. In some cases, they even used AURA as an end user before joining the Sigmund team. You can be confident that our staff understands your needs on both a technological and clinical level.

Managed Hosting

Hosting is time-consuming, expensive, and complicated, so we’re committed to taking that burden off your shoulders so you can focus on delivering the best possible care. That’s why Sigmund offers our clients a dedicated Managed Hosting option. Let us worry about data security so that every single patient receives your undivided attention. Choosing Sigmund’s data center to host your AURA platform requires zero upfront capital investment for new hardware and total peace of mind that your data is taken care of..


In a perfect world, health care professionals would be able to focus exclusively on patient care.of the industry, though, is that each organization is tasked with running a business as well. Managing a full business specturing is just as important as managing a patient load when it comes to operating a successful health care facility. As important as finances are, we can all agree that the health of patient is of paramount importance in a healthcare setting.That’s why we’re prepared to take your Revenue Cycle Management process off your shoulders entirely. We’ll focus on your financial health so that you can focus on your patients’ health.

What Do Our Clients Say About Us

Youth Dynamics, Montana’s largest provider of children’s mental health services, has provided leading behavioral health services across the state for the last 40 years. We spoke with Moyra Anthony, MSC, MBA, LCSW, Clinical Director of Community Services, to explore how this special organization leverages AURA to deliver their unmatched treatment services.

Since 2011, we’ve worked closely with this fantastic organization to build tailor-made software solutions that precisely suit their needs and help them treat their patients in the ways they need to be treated.

Check out Youth Dynamics’ AURA-in-Action feature to see how one of the nation’s leading mental health organizations takes full advantage of our cutting-edge tech!

AURA Integrations

As a software company, we are committed to full integration. AURA seamlessly integrates with over two dozen industry-leading software products and services.

AURA Integrations

As a software company, we are committed to full integration. AURA seamlessly integrates with over two dozen industry-leading software products and services.

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A Software Solution and Company Born in the Clinic

Our story begins over 20 years ago, when a group of IT professionals joined forces with a behavioral health organization to build a software solution that was specifically designed for a modern, real-world clinical environment. For a decade, our expert developers took inspiration and direction from practicing behavioral health professionals, which laid the groundwork for what our platform has become — a truly enterprise EHR system, precisely tailored for the unique and varied needs of substance abuse, mental health, eating disorder, and IDD treatment. Learn more about our humble, yet singular beginnings in this industry below.

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