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A Comprehensive Digital Health Solution

Whether you are a solo practice or part of a large behavioral health group, Sigmund’s cloud-based platform offers a powerful end-to-end software solution that’s designed to maximize the operational success of any behavioral health group. We strive to help our partners improve outcomes and that’s why our software is built by clinicians for clinicians.

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Meet Aura:
A Truly Enterprise EHR

Your organization deserves an all-in-one EHR that you won’t outgrow. If you are tired of using multiple systems to take care of your organization’s complex needs, it’s time to switch to a complete EHR solution. Integrate all your needs in one cloud-based solution, improving efficiency and your bottom line.

Enterprise–Level Services

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Our implementation experts specialize in molding our software to fit your unique operation.


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24/7/365 internal support — that is the gold standard that every EHR user deserves.


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Managed Hosting

Hosting is time-consuming, expensive, and complicated so we’re committed to taking that burden off your shoulders so you can focus on delivering the best possible care.

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In a perfect world, health care professionals would be able to focus exclusively on patient care.

Secure Patient Engagement

Sigmund Software’s engagement tools make it easy for providers to stay in touch with their patients so that treatment remains seamless, comprehensive, and uninterrupted.

  • Patient portal communications, completed forms and assessments are automatically populated to the patient chart
  • Login to one screen to see all the communications
  • Self-service appointment management tools
  • Automate the delivery and scoring of patient-reported outcomes and screening tools
  • Set up automated workflows for time consuming tasks allowing you more time to focus on patient care
  • Support patients in taking a more active role in their care and helps you drive outcomes that matter
  • Increase collections with automated payment reminders
  • Allow seamless online payment collection
  • HIPAA agreements
  • Financial policies
  • Forms and assessments


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A Solution Not Just Software

We believe that our customers deserve a software solution, not just software. A complete solution starts with the software and ends with the quality of service provided by the vendor.

Our users receive a cutting-edge enterprise platform and a full suite of enterprise-level services to match. We strive to be an active partner in your success, not just a technology partner.

Contact us today to learn how Sigmund AURA is the complete digital health solution you need for your organization.

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