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Philip Turner, MBA, B.COMM

President and Chief Executive Officer

Philip started his journey as an entrepreneur at AutoBranch Technologies, as part of the initial management team.  AutoBranch was a start-up and focused on the development of ATM software applications and built some very strong Intellectual Property for automated banking machines.  

In 2003, Philip purchased a Point-of-Sale Hardware vendor, Peninsula Cash Control Systems and rebranded as Quickservice Technologies in 2004.  Quickservice is a fast food technology company with a concentration in the quick service sector.  During his tenure at Quickservice, Philip made several moves to reposition the company from its fast food hardware roots to more of a focus on fast food technology and software solutions.  This included purchasing a touch screen software company, System 3 POS, in 2006.  This was key to ensuring that Quickservice was able to thrive in a very competitive market, as software became an important differentiator in the fast food sector.  

During Philip’s leadership, the Company grew its customer base by about 4 times (3,000 %) from 2003 to 2016, mainly through a focus on great customer service and industry-leading software and hardware solutions.  Philip sold Quickservice to a key strategic hardware vendor, Panasonic, in 2016 and remained as President of the Quickservice division for the following 3 years under terms of the sale agreement with Panasonic.  

Since the sale, Philip has been able to devote all of his time and attention to the healthcare space.  A few years prior to the sale, Philip founded VSS Medical Technologies (2012) in order to diversify his technology group.  Since that time, Philip has been instrumental in acquiring five companies in the healthcare sector including Sigmund Software, HealthPCP, Medicfusion, Outsource Receivables, and New England Medical Billing Group.  Philip is always actively looking at ways VSS can continue to provide important, value-added solutions to customers and to enhance value that VSS can bring to all of its stakeholders.  He currently serves as President & CEO of each of these companies and has held these roles since each respective acquisition.