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The Essential Steps That Lead To A Successful EHR implementation

Learn how to ensure a successful implementation and positive experience.

John Burns, Director of Implementation Services, has been with Sigmund Software since 2004. He has led and participated in all major implementations of the Sigmund Software platform and has thus become an expert in the huge undertaking that is EHR implementation.

John’s webinar, The Essential Steps That Lead to Successful EHR Implementation, teaches you how to combine organization, team unity, and all the critical processes necessary to ensure a successful implementation and a positive experience for both customer and vendor.

These steps includes:    

  • How to prepare for an implementation       
  • How to support an implementation
  • How to ensure your EHR is successful post-implementation
  • The biggest mistakes you can make when switching from one EHR to another
  • Who in an organization makes a good candidate for a system administrator
  • The top three most critical factors in a successful implementation

Even the most powerful EHR systems may fail if your implementation strategy is lacking or underdeveloped. Leveraging the full power of your software solution starts with the implementation plan.

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