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Meaningful Use Means More Than You Might Think

Sigmund’s EHR, AURA, passed the certification test for Stage 3 Meaningful Use. We are modularly certified for 39 of the 2015 Edition Health IT Modules!

The advantages to certification

Diplomas on the walls of your financial advisor, paper accreditations taped by the register at your favorite nail salon, and an alphabet’s worth of letters appearing behind the name of your medical providers: These things are more than just a “thumbs up” from a higher power giving people the go-ahead to practice in a particular profession. It’s the reason you can trust these professionals. It’s the reason you can have peace of mind. But the truth is, we hardly ever think about it.

If patients and consumers don’t think a lot about their provider’s credentials, they may not give a lot of thought to the credentials of the systems their providers rely on. But that’s no reason you should do the same.

As someone involved with a behavioral health or addiction treatment facility, you know how important certifications are, especially when it comes to Meaningful Use. That’s why at Sigmund Software, we are proud to provide software that is certified and can do the most good for you—and your patients. As you know, Sigmund’s EHR, Aura, has passed the certification test and is on the way to becoming Stage 3 Meaningful Use Certified. That means being modularly certified for 39 of the 2015 Edition Health IT Modules! In case you needed to be reminded, here are a few reasons why this kind of certification is important:

You’re Helping Yourself: There are other EMR options available, but going with one that is Meaningful Use certified is the best way to go for a lot of reasons. Not least of which? It makes financial sense for your organization. The better the certification and reporting, the more reimbursements you can get from CMS’s quality programs. It’s a win-win.

You’re Helping Your Patients: An EMR optimized for Meaningful Use will benefit your patients by identifying patens in charts that may inform his or her condition, which, in turn, can inform the care you give that patient.

You’re Helping ALL Patients: Knowledge is power and education is the silver bullet. With a Meaningful Use certified system, valuable information is collected by CMS which can help the organization and others develop best practices, best forms of care, and best treatment options based on a variety of different variables. Your information contributes to the wellbeing of patients across the nation as a whole.

Certifications are important, but you know that they are so much more than the piece of paper they come on. The next time you’re thinking about upgrading your EMR, consider the importance of Meaningful Use and how so many elements of your organization can benefit from being certified for it.