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Is Being with Anyone Better than Being Alone?

Happy Valentine’s Day from Sigmund Software! In honor of this special day, we thought we might take a look at the benefits of being in a relationship.
Food for thought on Valentine’s Day
Happy Valentine’s Day from your friends at Sigmund Software! In honor of this special day, we thought we might take a look at the benefits of being in a relationship. 
Being part of a couple has benefits even beyond never having to get stuck at the “randoms” table at weddings where you immediately realize you’ve been banished there like it’s the Island of Misfit Toys just because you don’t have a plus one. Although this is definitely a perk, there’s even more to love about being a couple!
Loneliness could kill you
We found this article that makes a compelling case for being in a relationship. According to the author, studies show that being alone leads to:
  • Poor eating choices
  • Physical pain
  • Premature death 
  • Dementia 
Eeek! For those of you living the single life, you better go through your phone, lower your standards, and settle, right?
We will grant that not everyone makes the best choices if living alone and uncoupled. But from the research we’ve seen, people are only as happy and healthy as their relationship itself. Article after article touting the benefits of being in a couple assume that we’re all enjoying relationships like that William and Kate or Michael Knight and KITT. In reality, some relationships are more like Lucy and Dezi or Leah and Scientology.  
Women in particular suffer from bad relationships, so the next time you feel sorry for a woman at the “randoms” table, don’t feel sorry for her; consider that she might just be doing the best thing she possibly can for her health.
Our takeaway? Do what makes you happy and good health will follow. It’s worth taking the time when you’re single to evaluate if being in a relationships is even right for you. Learn what your attachment style is and see how it reconciles with your relationship goals and your mental health. 
Health and happiness is the goal most of us are trying to achieve here on earth, but it’s important to remember that the formula is different for everyone. So, whether you’re dining out with a special someone tonight, or you’re curled up on the couch with Netflix and takeout, remember that as long as you’re where you want to be, you’re doing just fine.