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6 Real Reasons Why AURA is the EHR For You

Find out for yourself why our clients love us, and why we are the superior product for your facility.

By: Cory Valentine, VP of Sales

If you had to choose between flip-flops or hiking boots, you would want to know the intended use for the footwear before making any decisions. Are you climbing Mt. Everest or going to St. Barts? Likewise, if you were given the choice between an eggbeater and a commercial cement mixer, you’d probably need more information. Are you making breakfast or a Bauhause-style office building?

The point, as if you didn’t already know, is that all tools are good tools, but you need the right one for the job.

That’s where Sigmund comes in. Our EHR is both a “good” tool and the “right” tool. How can this be? AURA is customizeable, mobile, and ready for anything. And so much more…

Why is AURA the best choice for your behavioral health facility?

Tailor-Made: One size does not fit all when it comes to electronic health records. Sigmund will customize a system that works for you, your staff, and your clients. Don’t purchase what you wont’t use and don’t miss what is essential. Aura also offers behavioral health and addiction treatment, pre-configured, off-the-shelf solutions for those that prefer industry standard documentation and best practice workflows.

Security: Security options are customizeable and tailored to your organization’s needs. Some of our clients have their own servers to store data, many prefer the cloud. If you’re not sure what’s best for you, a Sigmund consultant will help you evaluate your options. And speaking of consultants..

Customer Service: With Sigmund, you have a partner for life. Whether you want in-person training as you learn your new EHR or are ready to hit the ground running, we are with you every step of the way. When AURA is implemented, Sigmund trains your team and provides videos for new employees to learn from. Our experienced and credentialed experts will help you customize the perfect suite of features, and someone is always on hand with US-based tech support.

Mobility: Life doesn’t stand still. Take your EHR with you. Our clients love AURA, our mobilized EHR. Don’t be chained to your desk with antiquated features of an inconvenient EHR. Access vital client information on the go, wherever you are.

Life Made Easier: Streamline your workflows with AURA. Enjoy greater and faster control of your records without a lot of hassle. Sigmund offers “one click” access to patient medications, schedules, communications, orders, ducomentation, lab results, and more.

So much more: Billing modules, revenue cycle management services, industry-leading scholarship, up-to-the-minute technology, compliance updates, and even client acquisition help; when you’re part of the Sigmund family, you’re well taken care of. We don’t stop with the perfect EHR. Neither should your facility.

Sigmund has been the industry’s top EHR software provider for decades. Find out for yourself why our clients love us, and why we are the superior product for your facility. We’re not just the right tools, we’re the right people. Call us today to set up a demo that is customized to your needs and wants and see how AURA can be perfect for your organization.