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5 Ways a Behavioral Health-Specific EHR is Better for Clients

There's a big difference between using a generic EHR and an EHR designed for behavioral health. Clients benefit when software is designed for their care.

By: Cory Valentine, VP of Sales

Recently, we cited Henry David Thoreau’s Walden when touting the benefits of a behavioral health-specific EHR. He speaks of simplifying, warning against frittering your life away on “detail.” But those of us in this field know how important some details can be—the important details, that is, not the superfluous ones. When you prioritize the correct details and eliminate the time wasting ones with a behavioral health-specific EHR, your clients have a simplified experience that results in better outcomes.

Give Them Peace of Mind with Better Security: Security, and knowing their patient information is safe, is important to your clients. The best behavioral health-specific EHRs will have ironclad security features that you and your clients can rely on.

Make Following the Rules Easier: Be sure you are giving your clients the best experience and stay compliant with regulations. A behavioral health-specific EHR will include updates to compliance features that can integrate right into your system. Follow the rules, make your staff’s lives easier, and give your clients the best care with an EHR that keeps on top of things.

Happy Staff Means Happier Patients: A BH-specific EHR is better for your staff and better for your patients. As we talked about in the last blog, a healthcare-specific EHR reduces staff frustration. As a patient, would you rather be treated by a person who hates their EHR and experiences constant frustration at work? Or by someone who is happy? That’s what we thought.

Take the Insult Out of Injury with Easier Billing: Your clients and their families are already under enough stress. A BH-specific EHR will make paying the bills a little easier with streamlined payment options and simplified bills.

Work for the Greater Good: A good BH-specific EHR will have data collection capabilities that help providers see trends over time. By being able to collect data and see the successes of treatment methods by specific demographic criteria, providers can offer better, more effective treatment methods to future patients.

When you focus on the most important details and skip the rest in favor of simplifying by getting a behavioral health-specific EHR, you and your clients benefit.

Find out how your behavioral health facility can benefit from a behavioral health specific EHR. 


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