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Revenue Cycle Management

Sigmund Software provides a fully integrated solution to deliver front to back office integration for superior revenue cycle management, including:

  • Knowledgeable staff that provide clear insight into all stages of billing and are always ready to answer your questions and tackle your challenges
  • Access to data, to generate reports simply and easily
  • Improved billing & coding compliance, to handle audits at high and in-depth levels
  • Staying connected in real-time via instant messaging, email, alerts, and more
  • A seamless workflow from admissions to accounts receivable to provide a multidimensional view of your entire revenue cycle
RCM: Profit drawing to emulate improved performance

What does this mean for you?

Improved Revenue Performance

Perhaps the most significant benefit of an effective RCM program is that you will have enhanced revenue performance. This means money coming in faster, more consistently, and with lower expenses necessary to earn it. In short, the primary goal of revenue control management is to improve your financial performance.


A major element of how effective RCM works is visibility. By increasing the revenue cycle’s visibility and examining data, your team can identify problems and inefficiencies and resolve them.

Demonstrable Value

Every organization needs to prove its strength and performance to stakeholders. These may be investors, donors, trustees, or strategic partners. High-quality RCM provides you with the data necessary to demonstrate your value. This also makes it easier to align your healthcare organization’s interests with others for mutual success.


Providing a secure and straightforward system to physicians, administrative staff, coding specialists, and others with revenue touchpoints can help to improve your revenue cycle. Excellent RCM not only minimizes mistakes but also removes frustration and confusion for your personnel.

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