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Behavioral Health & Addiction Treatment Billing Software

Sigmund Software offers one of the most robust, fully integrated medical billing software solutions within behavioral health and addiction treatment.

AURA provides the tools for a seamless Revenue Cycle Management process that includes the ability to effortlessly collect and analyze data from multiple domains from within its enterprise platform. Check out our quick view Revenue Cycle Management fact sheet here.

  • Experience specialized features that enable your organization to implement automated workflows and other proactive controls to ensure documentation compliance and accurate coding, as well as meet the nuanced delivery requirements for each respective funding source.

  • Our billing software’s capability and maturity allows an end-user to apply the correct funding source and allow the system to systematically implement checks-and-balances as well as validate the processes to ensure a compliant, effective and efficient Revenue Cycle Management process.

  • The Billing Rules engine serves as the binding force for the complete Revenue Cycle Management process.

Revenue Cycle Management and Billing Features

  • Use one software solution to effectively and efficiently manage a complete continuum of care.

  • Electronically maintain and track third party financial agreements including address, contact information, contracted rates and co-pays for treatment services.

  • Funding source information including self-pay and insurance information, rates, required claim form type and benefits information are maintained for efficient billing and financial activities.

  • Manage Payer Authorizations and utilize the Billing Rules engine to streamline claim generation and validation.


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Features at a Glance:

  • Revenue Cycle Management

  • Utilization Review

  • Practice Management

  • Built In Dashboards

  • Claims Preparation

  • Claims Submission

  • Claims Management

  • Reporting


Results in Real Time

  • Our EDI Billing module enables you to electronically track the claim life cycle with our up to date claim status screen.

  • Obtain on demand and Batch Eligibility.

  • Have real-time comparative analysis of year over year performance with the click of a mouse.

Efficiency Matters

  • Effortlessly support organizations from small practice to multi-company, multi-site and multi-specialty configurations within one enterprise solution.

  • Complete clearinghouse integration with Claim Status tracking and 835 Electronic Remittance processing.

  • Intuitively execute waterfall billing and other specialized billing functions.

  • Leverage a complete record of all payment received including source, payee, invoice, balance, write-off amount and designated GL Accounts.

  • Utilize built in dashboards, analytics and system reports to better track and control your financial operations and service delivery.

  • Identify operational and financial trends and respond proactively.

  • Implement and manage organizationally defined Key Performance Indicators