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Sigmund Software LLC has signed an agreement to implement its Enterprise Behavioral Health Information System with BryLin Hospitals.

Since 1955, BryLin Hospitals have been providing psychiatric and substance abuse services to residents in Western New York and Southern Ontario. BryLin Hospitals is the only private treatment facility in the Buffalo/Niagara region that provides a variety of mental health and outpatient substance abuse treatment programs. BryLin Hospitals offers specialized inpatient psychiatric services for children, adolescents, and adults. In addition, a comprehensive Outpatient Program is offered to individuals suffering from Addiction. Most recently, BryLin Hospitals opened a new Behavioral Health Center, in Williamsville, addressing the needs of the community by providing outpatient mental healthcare for adults.

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The Forever Family Walk

Sigmund Software EHR grew out of the dedicated work of a team of behavioral health practitioners that found they needed a dedicated tool to use in their daily work to help others. Those practitioners understood first-hand the struggles faced by those with troubled minds, those with addictions, and those with lifestyle issues. That perspective, that culture, still drives Sigmund today. And that is why we are pleased to announce our sponsorship of the Forever Family Walk.

The Forever Family Walk (FFW) is a two-year project, brainchild of Jarett Wilkins, a young man with a mission. Jarett will walk 6,000 miles and cross more than 30 U.S. States to raise awareness of the issues faced by children in foster care. From California to New York, over mountains and across deserts, through rain and wind and storm, Jarett will be walking, and volunteering at least one day to selected foster care organizations in each state as he travels. He will be taking that opportunity to interview industry leaders and facility managers, spokespeople and workers along the way. The goal is simple: Find out what is working, what is not, and what needs to be done, where.