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Sigmund Software is happy to announce that the Midwest Center for Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy (MCPST) has finalized a 3 yr SaaS Agreement with Sigmund.

The Midwest Center are located in Wisconsin and has been an outpatient Mental Health Clinic since 1973.

MCPSTs provide evaluation and treatment in the following areas:

  • General mental health services
  • Child, adolescent, and family difficulties
  • Sexual health related issues
  • Trauma resolution
  • Sexual offender evaluation and treatment
  • Sexual compulsivity and addiction assessment and treatment
  • Assessment and psychotherapy for individuals with developmental disabilities

From our blog

Breaches, Breaches, and More Breaches

Is there a day that goes by where the news headlines do not scream about yet another security breach?

From large health organizations, to retail outlet chains, to Apple, the headlines are relentless. The numbers thrown around are staggering. Last year $85 billion with a 'B' was fraudulently obtained through medical ID theft alone. As we have discussed in earlier articles, industry watchdogs expect 2015 to be the year of the hacker. I dread to think what number I will be quoting then.

Enough. I have hammered on in these pages time and again about security risks and breaches and ways to not get caught out. Frankly, at this point I think everyone out there gets it: The Internet is inherently insecure. The only way to remain secure is to disconnect, to step away from the Internet. Unplug your modems and routers. Tear out your cables and turn off your Wi-Fi. Of course, nobody is going to do that.

And yet we are aiming for National health system interoperability. I praise the goal and admire the work done to date, but in the dark recesses of my mind I wonder if such a goal is going to be actually possible.