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For over forty years, Navos has been responding to the needs of people with mental illness in King County, WA. Services are targeted to those who live at or near poverty, often as a result of their mental illness. Navos has a long and impressive history as a pioneer in the integration of primary healthcare and behavioral healthcare. As far back as the 1980’s Navos (then High Line West Seattle Mental Health) was providing Behavioral Healthcare within a primary healthcare setting.

Navos is recognized as a leader for its efforts to transform services into care focused on recovery and wellness, and on the strengths of individuals with mental illness, providing a broad continuum of care. Every client receives individualized support to help them address their psychiatric and psychosocial needs, understand their medication, develop coping strategies, and connect to critical resources such as housing and employment. Even the most seriously ill patient participates in his or her own care.

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California Leads The Way In Interoperability

A new initiative by leading California insurers Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California aims to connect almost 9 million patient records in an online system, making health information available on demand by any healthcare provider in California. The two insurers are committing $80 million into seed funding for the Cal Index program, which should launch by end of 2014.

The Cal Index will be a long-term project which will be refined over the next few years. The Index should allow nearly 25% of Californians, healthcare providers, hospitals and emergency rooms easy accessibility to medical records with a few key strokes. The potential is clearly huge - both for success and failure.