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Sigmund Software LLC has signed an agreement to implement its Enterprise Behavioral Health Information System with BryLin Hospitals.

Since 1955, BryLin Hospitals have been providing psychiatric and substance abuse services to residents in Western New York and Southern Ontario. BryLin Hospitals is the only private treatment facility in the Buffalo/Niagara region that provides a variety of mental health and outpatient substance abuse treatment programs. BryLin Hospitals offers specialized inpatient psychiatric services for children, adolescents, and adults. In addition, a comprehensive Outpatient Program is offered to individuals suffering from Addiction. Most recently, BryLin Hospitals opened a new Behavioral Health Center, in Williamsville, addressing the needs of the community by providing outpatient mental healthcare for adults.

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Remembering the good old days

I grew up in the 60's. Black and white TV, moon landings, JFK. I remember waiting for the TV to warm up, and I remember watching the white dot until it disappeared when the set was turned off. Then came the 70's, with bigger TV sets and bigger hair, both in psychedelic color. The 80's introduced MTV, the 90's the Internet, and from then on it has been a roller coaster that gets faster every day. But I still remember that massive TV set in the corner.

Nowadays, I have a 48" flat screen LED TV attached to my wall. I can control it through my iPhone. I can surf the Internet, check email, or watch videos from my computer. Nice. No way would I go back to black and white cathode ray technology. 

I think most of us feel the same: Nostalgia is fine, but it should be kept in a rose-tinted box until we want to look at it again. Modern technology offers far better picture quality and viewing convenience. So why, oh why, is everyone so resistant to change?