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The Ranch at Dove Tree, based in Texas, has partnered with Sigmund Software™ for the installation of Sigmunds Enterprise Addiction Treatment Software Information System after a thorough needs assessment and exhaustive look at the capabilities of many behavioral healthcare software providers.

The Ranch at Dove Tree offers a full range of treatment services for chemical dependency in adults ages 18 and older. The 8 acre campus in West Texas provides a safe and therapeutic environment tailored around the needs of the client where those who suffer from the effects of drug addiction, alcoholism, chemical dependency, substance abuse and other harmful drug addictions can heal the body, mind and spirit in a peaceful setting

The Ranch at Dove Tree will streamline its billing, clinical and business management processes utilizing the wide variety of Sigmunds superior clinical and management features, including scheduling, billing, clinical documentation and electronic medical records.

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Working With Self-Diagnosing Patients

A recent survey on behalf of the Astellas Innovation Debate determined that 75% of medical practitioners had noted a 'marked increase' in the number of self-diagnosing patients during the last twelve months. Many of these, 21%, presented at their doctor's office armed with supporting data from a growing range of health apps and smart devices. Some even carried folders full of graphs and printouts to support their arguments. Some saw that as helping their doctors. Others saw it as a declaration of war, with their doctor on the opposing side. The numbers of self-diagnostic patients are likely to increase as the number of available devices grow, and the various supporting platforms all see corresponding growth in the numbers of healthcare apps in their respective stores.

This issue will also continue to grow.