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The Caron Treatment Centers have chosen Sigmund Software for the installation and customization of an Enterprise Addiction Treatment Software System. As part of the services delivered by Sigmund, a data migration routine was created for moving all mission critical and patient archive information from Carons former system which Sigmund™ is replacing.

Caron Treatment Centers is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide an enlightened and caring treatment community in which all those affected by alcoholism or other drug addiction may begin a new life.

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POS Security Breach Highlights Need for Improved Cybersecurity

Supervalu stores in 25 states across America may have been compromised by a breach of the POS systems in around 200 of the U.S. supermarket chain's outlets, and rumors are circulating that the breach extends into another 1000 stores.

Reminiscent of the recent Target breach, the potential exists for great damage to the franchise and the customer base. If this reported breach is even half as extensive as reported, the bad guys have a lot of credit card data to dig around in. Not good.

This alleged breach highlights again the need for improved security procedures, everywhere. Nowhere more so than healthcare.

The Chip-and-Pin (CAP) technology used on credit cards in many countries around the world is only now beginning to be introduced to the U.S.

With CAP, anyone wishing to make a purchase must input a four-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) in addition to presenting their card at the register. If they fail to input the correct PIN within three attempts, the transaction is declined. If this has happened multiple times, a message can even be displayed on the register for the cashier to retain or destroy the card. A lost or stolen credit card is no longer a problem. Useful, yes?