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Sigmund Software LLC, is happy to announce the signing of an agreement to implement its Enterprise Behavioral Health Information System with American Addiction Centers.

With their national headquarters in Tennessee and facilities in Texas, Florida, Southern California, Nevada, New Jersey and Tennessee, American Addiction Centers is one of the largest and most respected technologically progressive behavioral healthcare providers in the country.  With hundreds of staff and programs specializing in Adult Addiction Treatment, Adolescent Addiction Treatment and Lifestyle Transformation & Wellness, American Addiction Centers leverages cutting edge technology with evidence-based practices to ensure the highest quality of care.

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What is Strategic Risk?

Security is a minefield, and few places hold more danger of fatal misstep than the fields of electronic health records, interoperability, Meaningful Use, and patient engagement.

Ever larger security breaches are announced every day. I personally fear the ones which remain unannounced. The ones as yet undiscovered. Why? Because nobody gets up to close a door if they think it is closed. And that leads neatly away from the subject of security, to the subject of Strategic Risk.

It is a requirement for Meaningful Use and HIPAA that organizations create a written plan for worst-case scenarios. In some high-visibility headlines this has not been done and organizations have been penalized heavily. But that really is closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. Security is a moving target. Breaches will always occur. Taking that as a starting point, everything becomes so much clearer. The thing to remember is this: If it can happen, there is a good chance that it will. If a door is open, someone will eventually walk through it. So, plan for it.


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