Pediatric Prevention & Rehabilitation Services

When it comes to Pediatric Rehabilitation, the nature of children’s difficulties and the need for parental support/intervention have resulted in widespread adoption of ‘family-centered’ care. Sigmund’s EHR can assist with managing variable data that needs to be current and evaluated against treatment goals to make sure it is trending in the right direction.

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How We Support The Pediatric Rehabilitation & Prevention Community

For this community, engaging in partnerships with care providers and exchanging information is mission-critical to recovery.

Easily input and analyze data for the best clinical decision support.

Care Coordination

Data can be shared easily with parents, doctors, and other care providers.

Dynamic treatment plans

Effortlessly create multidisciplinary treatment plans.


Built-in assessments, such as the CANS (Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths), make collection of relevant data easy and efficient.