SLA Reporting Guidelines

Customers must utilize the correct reporting method for the severity of problem

they are experiencing. For example, a critical or life safety issue should never be

reported solely by email, as delays in the transmission, receipt, or processing of the

email could result in delays in response. Sigmund will not be responsible, per the

terms of the SLA, for failures to meet SLA requirements when a customer does not

use the appropriate reporting method.

Reporting Methods

Sigmund has provided the following guideline table for selecting the appropriate

notification type and recommends that, where indicated, both the primary and

secondary notification types should be utilized. This table will be considered the

minimum acceptable reporting guideline for SLA compliance. Refer to your SLA

document for the definitions of severity levels. See “Contact Information” below for

telephone and email addresses.

SLA Impage.png

Contact Information


  • 1-800-448-6975, AA Menu Options: 1, 1

·        If your call is transferred to the answering service, advise them that your call


Support Email Address:

You should receive a confirmation response with an assigned support ticket number within 10-15 minutes. If you do not receive a confirmation you should assume that your request has not been recorded. If you receive a response indicating that you are “Not Authorized” then please contact your site’s assigned administrator to submit the email request on your behalf.