Medical Software Solution

EHR Software that Provides the Medical Features You Need

Experience AURA, Sigmund Software’s industry-leading EHR Software for Behavioral Health and Addiction Treatment, which includes a Medical Suite loaded with intuitive and user-friendly tools. AURA offers medical software solutions that help your staff manage workflows, track outcomes and provide patient centered care.

Documentation Suite

  • AURA offers specialized documentation tools designs for Doctors, Nurses and other members of the medical team. Tools include Golden-Thread data models with auto-population and intuitive logic that guides the end-user through the documentation process.

  • As a single solution, AURA effortlessly shares missions critical information across the entire enterprise in real-time to provide intelligent and seamless support at the time of decision.

  • Mobility and other available tools enhance the user experience and improve treatment outcomes.

Order Management  

  • With AURA, easily manage medications, lab orders and results, caloric intake, vital signs along with a wide set of other data points in a centralized suite designed specifically for inpatient medical teams.

  • In real-time, AURA's Order Management Suite provides users with the ability to view and collect assessment information, vitals, medication administration and other tasks directly from one screen.

  • The Order Management Suite is designed to provide all mission critical information along with automated alerts, early-detection warnings and other decision support tools to improve care coordination and treatment outcomes.

Care Coordination

  • Manage your clients, contacts and alumni within AURA's software platform. Automated workflow, system alerts and notifications enable treatment team members to follow and or be alerted based on specified criteria.

  • Intelligent care coordination tools embedded within AURA's suite that supports instant messaging, secure messaging and other forms of alerts and notifications. 


  • AURA offers full mobility - experience secure communication across staff and departments via instant messaging, alerts and email through your tablet, laptop or handheld devices.


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Features at a Glance:

  • Documentation Suite

  • Order Management

  • Biometrics

  • Care Coordination

  • Mobility

  • Medication Dispenser Integration

  • CPOE

  • eMAR

  • eLabs

  • Batch Orders