The Sigmund Software Client Conference 2016 is now over.

We are pleased to say that it was a complete success.

The entire team here at Sigmund wishes to thank every one of our guests for their attendance at this three day event, and for the invaluable feedback provided during the training presentations, round tables and breakout sessions of the conference.


Sigmund Software Conference 2016 Thanks You To GuestsThe conference, held this year at the Westin Hotel in New York's Times Square, was our opportunity to offer clients the opportunity to interact with the developers in a hands-on environment, learn new processes, ask questions, and receive answers directly from the team that actually developed the software they use each day. It was also our opportunity to gather feedback from real-world EHR users.


The 2016 conference saw the official launch announcement of the latest development in electronic health record systems, AURA. Rolled out live in front of an audience of no-nonsense healthcare administrators, AURA was widely hailed a hit for ease of use and practicality.

It's easy to see why. AURA is built upon the years of experience and expertise that underlies the core Sigmund Software EHR system. AURA is, however, actually something new: AURA is EHR reimagined. Our guests agreed.

With a great looking, streamlined and intuitive interface that will work on any connected device, AURA is fully mobile. AURA is highly configurable, and easily adaptable by administrators to suit all organizational behavioral health treatment workflows. Conference guests learned how to work faster and more productively, and told us that they really enjoyed the extra features that we built in. Practical features that they will actually use.

Faster, more powerful, and more flexible. That's AURA.


Our guests have now returned safely home carrying new knowledge and enthusiasm for their EHR of choice. Enthusiasm that we share. AURA is next generation EHR, and our guests, those that work at the sharp end every day, agree. Software development is a two-way street and we always listen carefully to what our clients say. Their invaluable feedback keeps us on track and helps us to deliver what they need. Everybody wins, including, and most especially, the patients that are at the very heart of what we do.

We enjoyed this conference experience as much as we know that our guests did. Thanks again to all our guests for a truly memorable event.

The Sigmund Software Team.

Patient Assessment and Progress Notes with AURA EHR from Sigmund Software


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