Press Release - Sigmund Software announce AURA, next generation EHR.

April 22, 2016, Danbury, CT

Aura is the next generation of EHR, developed by Sigmund SoftwareSigmund Software has been in the business of providing reliable, fast, and complete EHR solutions to behavioral health and addiction treatment facilities for many years. Sigmund is trusted by thousands of practitioners across the US that rely on us every hour of every day to take care of their patients and their business. Over the years, we have learned and grown. Today, we take our experience and move EHR to a whole new level.

Today, the Sigmund development team is pleased to announce the release of the next generation of Sigmund EHR - AURA

Aura extends the time-tested foundation of the Sigmund EHR platform and provides a better experience for your users. Rewritten to leverage the latest technologies, to be faster, more flexible, with more features, Aura is a game-changer that will alter the way you and your team work, for the better.

Aura will work across your business network on any connected device. Tablet, phone, laptop or desktop. Aura is highly customizable at a personal level, and will adapt to the way individual users work. Administrators can control access to data and features with ease. Security is built into every facet, including our fully HIPAA compliant messaging system that allows teams to collaborate more easily than ever before. Communicate alerts in a few clicks, or keep patients informed about their appointment schedules. You choose.

Treatment plans, medication controls, administrative reports and much more are standard. All the information you need is available on demand, from wherever you are. In the office. With a patient. Or at home. If you can connect, you have the full power of a new generation of EHR, literally at your fingertips. To find out more about AURA, click the AURA logo.

Work smart. Work Easy. With Aura.

Patient Assessment and Progress Notes with AURA EHR from Sigmund Software


Leverage flexible Content Management Controls in AURA to develop organizationally defined instrumentation that has intelligence.

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Custom User Interfaces with Administrative Dashboards in the AURA EHR from Sigmund Software



Enjoy greater controls over the vital signs of your organization with personalized custom administrative Dashboards from AURA.

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