Medical Data Security And How To Minimize Data Breaches

A thirty-seven page independent report from the Ponemon Institute makes for very serious reading. In summary, a staggering 94% of surveyed medical facilities reported at least one large scale data breach within the last fiscal year. A massive 46% reported five or more data breaches during the same period. 

How do you stop that happening to you?

EHR and Risk Management Strategy

An EHR offers significant risk management advantages over a paper based environment. Not only are electronic records harder to physically steal than paper ones, the checks and balances built in to most systems ensure all required data is entered, without exception. This facilitates accuracy and availability of accurate information on demand. Over and above that, it improves the ability to reduce or even prevent medical errors including patient outcomes.

Are you ready for Electronic Health Records?

A key question for practice managers during their assessment phase of EHR viability is simply this: "Why do we want to do this?" Examining practice workflows with an impartial eye will help determine the specific advantages an EHR can offer you and your patients. Importantly, what do you believe an EHR will achieve that is not already provided by your current paper based system? What will your patients gain? Your staff? Now is a good time to set yourself some goals and outline a wish list. Here are some considerations.

EMR Workflow Integration In Five Easy Steps

BulletNumbers 5An effective EMR system is no longer a nice-to-have. It's a necessity. However you feel about the subject of Electronic Medical Record Software, it is the future, and here to stay. So how hard is it to implement effectively?

Sigmund Launch New Blog

Today the Sigmund Software stable grew, with the introduction of a regular blog section into the Media section of the Sigmund Software site. Informative and thoughtful, light hearted and full of interest, this blog should hold something for everybody operating (pun intended) within the field of behavioral healthcare. Content will vary from best practice advice and suggestions to interesting viewpoints and industry perspective.
We encourage all to revisit and share content they like with colleagues and friends. We are sure this will be as entertaining for us as it is for you.


Billing Service Announcement Press Release

Brewster, New York
On September 18, 2012

Sigmund Software LLC, a leading provider of Electronic Health Records software for behavioral health and addiction treatment providers announced that it has expanded its service offerings to include Billing & Collections services. With over twenty years of experience developing and supporting its integrated clinical and practice management software solution, the Brewster based company not only has the cutting edge technology to automate and streamline medical billing and collections but has gained tremendous practical experience with the complex medical billing process. The company asserts that its new service will provide: cost savings, improved claims acceptance rates, more accurate claims submissions, optimized collection cycles & cash flow, and more meaningful reporting.
"We've been in the trenches with our clients, working with them on every aspect of the billing and collections process and its inherent complexities, driven by the ever changing industry needs. We are uniquely positioned to provide effective and efficient billing and accounts receivable services based on our experience supporting our clients for over two decades" says CEO and President, Philip Turner.
Sigmund sees a tremendous need for this service due to the significant overhead costs associated with training, technical infrastructure and staffing. "Sigmund's Billing & Collections service offering will allow organizations to focus on their core business of patient care while we take care of the back-office billing, collections, cash flow and reporting concerns" says Harry Manesis, Chief Operating Officer.
About Sigmund Software, LLC

Sigmund Software is a leader in providing software solutions for Behavioral Health, Social Service and Addiction Treatment Providers nationwide. EMRx provides a suite of flexible features and cutting edge automation that delivers the functionality needed to facilitate organization-wide processes, enhance the quality of clinical documentation, increase productivity, ensure compliance and shorten the AR cycle. Sigmund is ONC-ATCB Certified as a Complete EHR for both ambulatory and inpatient providers.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, Oct 30, 2012 ) BOCA RATON, FL ---

Multi-Media Productions (USA), Inc. is pleased to announce that Sigmund Software will be featured on its 21st Century Health television series. Sigmund Software™ is a leading enterprise management software application for Behavioral Health, Addiction Treatment and Human Service Agencies. The EMRx Solution, which is a Certified Electronic Health Record application, provides the functionality needed to enhance the quality of clinical documentation, reduce medication errors, ensure compliance, aggregate patient outcomes, shorten collection cycles and automate work flow.

A dedicated team of behavioral health specialists has worked to develop and refine Sigmund’s features and performance. Most of the team at Sigmund has worked in the industry in different capacities. This provides valuable insight into the needs of this segment of the market and is partly what separates Sigmund from the competition. The end result are products that have been designed from the ground up by people who know how the system needs to work for maximum impact within the behavioral health environment.

To meet the dynamic and fluid needs of the industry as well as their client’s specific preferences, Sigmund offers two secure, highly reliable options: Sigmund As A Service (SaaS) and Client-Server.

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming at Multi Media Productions, added, “As an innovator and a leader in the industry, Sigmund Software is a natural fit for our show. We are excited to have them as a guest on our program.”

Press Release - Brewster, New York Oct. 10 2012

VSS Medical Technologies, Inc. Acquires VersaForm Systems Corporation, expanding its Medical Technology reach to a broad range of healthcare services organizations.


VSS Medical Technologies, Inc. (VSS) announced today that it has acquired VersaForm Systems Corporation (VersaForm), a California based provider of ARRA-certified Electronic Healthcare Record Software and Practice Management Solutions that serve a broad spectrum of providers in the medical and behavioral healthcare space.

The acquisition expands the VSS footprint into the solo/group medical, psychiatric and behavioral health sectors. VersaForm has been providing software solutions since 1981 to providers of all specialties and to outsourced practice management services. With an increase in the integration of primary care and mental health services, the acquisition uniquely positions VSS and its family of products to support the growing needs of the industry for both large and small providers. The investment by VSS continues its commitment to grow market share by enhancing its product offerings through organic development and strategic acquisitions that provide synergies fostering collaborative research and development with other complementary VSS companies and products.

“This acquisition is our second significant investment in the Healthcare Technology space” said Philip Turner, President and CEO. “VersaForm has a cutting edge product focused on the solo medical and solo behavioral healthcare markets. With over thirty years of development and industry experience, as well some of the most talented engineers in healthcare technology, it also brings key intellectual assets to our existing product offerings. Our growing portfolio of products and talent across different healthcare applications fosters sharing of ideas and innovation that will continue to enhance our ability to bring creative cutting edge products to market. We plan to continue to add complementary products to our solution set, both through internal development and through additional strategic acquisitions.”

About VersaForm Systems Corporation

VersaForm is a leader in providing software solutions for medical practices and practice management outsourcing companies nationwide. VersaForm provides a feature rich, fully integrated EHR and Practice Management system which provides practices automation that delivers the functionality needed to facilitate organizational processes, enhance the quality of clinical documentation, increase productivity, ensure compliance and shorten the Collections cycle. VersaForm is ONC-ATCB Certified as a Complete EHR. To learn more about VersaForm, visit

About VSS Medical Technologies, Inc.

VSS is a healthcare company that invests in leading edge healthcare technologies. VSS has a growing install base across North America and offers a growing number of applications and solutions. VSS plans to continue to invest in strong, complementary healthcare software applications and technology solutions.  For more information about VSS, visit

Sigmund Software partner with Ignis Systems

Portland OR (October 4, 2012) - Sigmund Software™, a New York-based provider of EHR (electronic health record) software for behavioral health and addiction treatment organizations, chooses Ignis Systems of Portland, Oregon to deliver integrated lab and radiology orders and results to thousands of users in 30 states.

OrdersAnywhere, Ignis' web-hosted CPOE (computerized physician order entry) solution, will be embedded in the Sigmund EMR workflow for ordering and routing of labs. Full integration of the two complementary products is slated for general availability in January 2013.

Cory C. Valentine, Director of Client Development at Sigmund Software, cites clinical usability as a major factor in selecting Ignis, describing the order entry screen as "very modern and incredibly easy to use." Valentine also notes Ignis' patient-friendly Enhanced Results as a key usability factor: "Ignis' Enhanced Results are very clear and easy for patients to understand, especially in the way abnormal results are highlighted."

Valentine praises the collaborative and structured process of implementing the Ignis functionality, not just in terms of software integration, but also as the company rolls out to its customers and the lab vendors they work with. "It all starts with their systematic implementation methodology. Ignis really understands what it takes to connect clinics with labs quickly and seamlessly. Not only do they offer existing connections with over 120 lab vendors, but they also have a great way of helping us reach out to labs not already in the hub. Given the current economic climate and rapidly changing healthcare delivery requirements, everyone is looking for the value-add. Ignis really delivers it."

Valentine sees the partnership with Ignis as a strong one for Sigmund. "Functionality means a lot, but relationships are worth even more. The Ignis team has been wonderful, taking the time to know our process, understand our pain points, and work to help our customers succeed. Collaboration with and responsiveness to our customers continues to be the hallmark of Sigmund Software. Finding a partner that shares that same passion for perfection and customer satisfaction was paramount to our selection."

Says Ken Willett, Ignis Systems CEO, "Sigmund is a strong partner for us, with a significant presence and nationwide coverage in the behavioral health EMR market. Their focus on workflow efficiency and improving patient care is very much aligned with our customer approach. We love this match."

About Ignis Systems

Founded in 1999, Ignis Systems Corporation ( provides physician-centric solutions that integrate lab test services within the clinic's EMR. Used at over 450 practices by over 7,000 physicians nationwide, EMR-Link features out-of-the-box integration to the leading national reference labs and over 100 regional and hospital labs throughout the U.S.

About Sigmund Software

Sigmund Software ( markets and supports an enterprise level software application, EMRx, for residential care facilities and behavioral health provider organizations, with a specialty focus on addiction treatment provider organizations. Available as a hosted application or cloud-based, the application offers intake tracking, patient demographic storage, clinical documentation, scheduling, billing ledger, and quality assurance. The EMRx software is ONC-ATBC certified by Drummond; eligible professionals in organizations using the Sigmund Software EMRx application are eligible to file for federal Medicare and Medicaid meaningful use incentive payments.

Sigmund Software today launched their behavioral healthcare industry newsletter, The Sigmund Standard. Aimed at informing healthcare professionals about current news, legislation and important issues, the Sigmund Standard will consistently provide the information you want, about what is happening in the world of behavioral healthcare. We encourage all to sign up to our mailing list from the button at the top right of our web site. After completing a brief registration form we will deliver the best coverage, right into your inbox.

We encourage dialogue and feedback. Please reply with any comments or suggestions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VSS aquires Sigmund Software

On May 3, 2012, VSS Medical Technologies, Inc. announced that on April 10 it had acquired Sigmund Software, LLC, a New York-based provider of electronic medical record software solutions for health and human services organizations nationwide.

Sigmund’s leadership has changed with the acquisition, as Philip Turner, MBA, of VSS Medical Technologies replaced Joe Santoro as Sigmund’s president and chief executive officer (CEO). Mr. Turner is also CEO of VSS Medical Technologies. For the next year, Mr. Santoro will serve as an advisor.

 VSS Medical Technologies is a holding company newly created in March, 2012; the acquisition of Sigmund Software is its first significant investment in the behavioral health care technology space. In the acquisition announcement, Mr. Turner said, “Our plan [for Sigmund Software] is to continue to provide leading edge features that enable behavioral health organizations to streamline workflows, increase efficiency, lower overall costs, and stay current with changes in health care technology. I will also be looking for complimentary products that we can add to our solution set, both through internal development and through selective strategic acquisitions.”

 Sigmund Software™ markets and supports an enterprise level software application, EMRx, for residential care facilities and behavioral health provider organizations, with a specialty focus on addiction treatment provider organizations. Available as a hosted application or cloud-based, the application offers intake tracking, patient demographic storage, clinical documentation, scheduling, billing ledger, and quality assurance. The EMRx software is ONC-ATBC certified by Drummond; eligible professionals in organizations using the Sigmund Software EMRx application are eligible to file for federal Medicare and Medicaid meaningful use incentive payments.

 For more information, contact: Sigmund Software, LLC, 509 Route 312 #2, Brewster, New York 10509; 800-448-6975; E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; Web site:


At the University of Buffalo, the New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics & Life Sciences, Ontology Research Group, Referent Tracking Unit is developing a cross institutional knowledgebase using the Target Behavior Tracking (TBT) module of Sigmund Software, an enterprise management software application for human service agencies.

Sigmunds features and performance reflect the experience gained employing a team of behavioral health practitioners in developing, producing, installing and supporting the system since its inception in 1988.

One component of the system, Target Behavior Tracking (TBT™) standardizes patient assessment by quantifying a patients symptoms and distress into meaningful and immediately useful data. TBT tracks a patients observed target behavioral symptoms (e.g., anxious behavior, aggression, depression, hallucinations), medication type and dosage, psychotherapy, group therapy and other treatments.

This information is then systematically analyzed by specialized software to identify treatment effectiveness correlations that are otherwise elusive. 

The RTU is exploring how TBT which is currently used within individual organizations can benefit from referent tracking to develop a cross-institutional knowledgebase linked to other behavioral assessment tools.

One of the most challenging problems facing biomedical informatics today is the integration of disparate information resources arising from the different branches of biological research and clinical medicine. Researchers are flooded with information in a variety of formats, ranging from lab instrument data, gene expression profiles, raw sequence traces, chemical screening data and proteomics data, to metabolic pathway models and full-fledged life-science ontologies developed according to a myriad of incompatible and typically only loosely formalized schemas. This information is presented in general terms, without referring to specific identifiable organisms, experiments, and so forth.

At the other end of the spectrum are electronic health records (EHRs), which consist primarily of descriptions of a patients medical condition, the treatments administered, and the outcomes obtained. Also these descriptions are made using general terms which are either natural language based, or are taken from semi-formalized classification systems, terminologies or ontologies.

The mission of the Referent Tracking Unit (RTU) is to carry out fundamental and applied research and software application development with the goal of allowing better use to be made of both (1) data pertaining to particular patients residing in EHRs on the one hand, and (2) patient-independent data of the type that is typically found in biomedical research databases on the other. This is achieved through a new paradigm: Referent Tracking. The work of the RTU is designed to allow biomedical and bioinformatics researchers to exploit the wealth of information that is stored in patient data repositories. At the same time it is designed to offer clinicians new and higher quality types of evidence for the appropriateness of given diagnoses or therapeutic hypotheses through seamless access to the research data generated by biologists and bio-informaticians.

Patient Assessment and Progress Notes with AURA EHR from Sigmund Software


Leverage flexible Content Management Controls in AURA to develop organizationally defined instrumentation that has intelligence.

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Custom User Interfaces with Administrative Dashboards in the AURA EHR from Sigmund Software



Enjoy greater controls over the vital signs of your organization with personalized custom administrative Dashboards from AURA.

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