Target Behavior Tracking

Patient assessment with more accuracy in less time has NEVER been easier

Sigmund Software is the industry leader in providing specialized and flexible outcome tools

From patient engagement tools, scored medical and clinical instruments, to the most comprehensive outcome tool available (Target Behavior Tracking), Sigmund Software offers complete, end-to-end outcome tools. Our customers have found limitless value in our system’s ability to collect, analyze, and compile critical information. 

We help leverage existing data collection to generate insightful infographics and enable providers to view the patient over the span of treatment.

  • Anxiety Rating Scales, Eating Habits, Vital Signs, Appointment History over time: Sigmund Software is built to enhance the value of data collection and utilization.
  • Create data collection points to better track patient transitions pre-admission, throughout treatment episodes and post discharge with configurable tools and alerting.
  • Target Behavior Tracking (TBT) is the primary progress measurement component of the Sigmund EHR informatics system.



How do you measure success? With TBT you CAN do it better.

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"TBT is the ONLY specialized outcomes tool for Behavioral Healthcare. Amazing!"



TBT is the most robust data collection and aggregate reporting tool available in behavioral health and addiction treatment. 


It was designed for monitored inpatient and residential treatment providers, supporting high volume data collection and aggregation. Perfect for research, grants, and comprehensive outcome studies, TBT offers a proprietary and mobile-enabled data collection tool, along with a state-of-the-art reporting engine.

TBT standardizes patient assessment by quantifying symptoms and distress into meaningful and immediately useful data. Developed as part of a diagnostic tool set for clinicians, TBT tracks the observed target behavioral symptoms of a patient (e.g. anxiety level, aggression, depression, hallucinations) and correlates against medication type and dosage, psychotherapy, group therapy and other treatments. This combined data is systematically analyzed to show treatment effectiveness and patient condition in real-time.

Correlated data is output directly on screen, providing easy identification of hidden patterns or trends. Diagnostic predictions and progress can be checked against live data, reducing treatment times, patient distress, and costs.


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