COVID Clarity – Recovery Capital Webinar Replay

COVID Clarity Recovery Capital

Think differently about addiction and better understand
the challenges COVID-19 has imposed on those in recovery.

Addiction is a complex and individualized condition, dictated by the social, economic, and environmental determinants in one’s life. As a result, those working to achieve or sustain recovery faced an especially difficult challenge when COVID-19 disrupted the world’s social, economic, and environmental realities.
In the wake of the pandemic, many individuals struggling with substance use could not rely on their former pathways to recovery. Instead, they were forced to forge new ones in an unfamiliar world, navigating a reality with a different social, economic, and environmental calculus.
In this way, COVID-19 has highlighted the need to consider addiction as a condition that is rooted in dynamic forces, such as one’s personal and professional life, as well as their mental health. Recovery Capital is one such framework that incorporates that consideration.
COVID Clarity: How The Pandemic Confirmed The Importance of Recovery Capital is a timely webinar that explores how Recovery Capital engages with an individual’s social, economic, and environmental determinants, and how it’s well suited to help individuals navigate recovery during the pandemic.

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